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Southwest Florida - The Ten Thousand Islands

Southwest Florida – The Ten Thousand Islands

“Water, water, everywhere; Nor any drop to drink”

Visiting Southwest Florida, you get the sense of teetering on the edge of the Earth, the end of the world. Bounded by the Gulf of Mexico to the West, the Everglades to the East, and the Ten Thousand Islands to the South, Southwest Florida seems isolated from the urban United States. Before long the paths on dry land merge and disappear into a great watery abyss. Never has Coleridge’s famous line seemed more appropriate.

Here, the natural world looms impossibly close. Residents and visitors will frequently encounter creatures from the wilderness at their doorstep. Birds, bears, alligators, snakes, manatees, dolphins and more do not hesitate to tread on their ancestral homes. Somehow they manage to endure the forces of wind, water, and sun and thereby survive in one of the planet’s harshest environments

This week’s blog posts will be devoted to exploring the natural environment of Southwest Florida.


I hope everybody has been enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday. My family pretty much decided, “screw cooking” and ordered KFC. And watched Silence of the Lambs. Yeah… we’re not exactly traditional. Anyway, I just wanted to give all of my readers a heartfelt “Thank You.” Also, for each person who comments I will write an article/poem/story/review/ect of their choice. Or if he or she prefers, I will allow a guest post. 


IMAG0131 - Version 2On one fine evening about two weeks ago I strolled through my city’s shopping district. Halloween had faded away. With it’s passing, another holiday arrived on the scene. Lights were strung on every roof and tree. Painted reindeer dwelt in every grove. Wreaths adorned every door. Yes, Santa Claus had come to town.

Except… I could have sworn November had its own holiday…something to do with turkeys and dinner and giving thanks.

Tuesday – The First Thanksgiving

Wednesday – Norman Rockwell

Thursday – Gratitude

Friday – Turkey Trot

Desert RoadThe blazing sun beats down on the land. Waves of heat generate an illusionary landscape. A relentless wind carves sculptures of sand and stone. The encroaching dunes swallow the ruins of long dead civilizations. The desert is a place suspended beyond time and space. The land is still, lifeless. Without water life cannot exist, cannot survive.

The human consciousness remembers the desert. Man’s earliest civilizations balanced tenuously on its edge. We remember its majesty and its mystery. The desert remembers us as well. Change is life but life cannot long dwell in the depths of this ocean of sand. In the desert, preserved by the heat and the dryness, lie the remnants of the past virtually unchanged over the millennia.

Is it any wonder that, in that lonely desolation, man would encounter gods?

Tuesday – Nascence

Wednesday – Lawrence of Arabia

Thursday – Nostalgia for the Light

Friday – Dune

Guy Fawkes Mask“Remember, remember! The fifth of November,”

It’s a mysterious face that gazes back at us. Mocking, defiant and sinister, this mask has become a symbol of revolt and revolution in the modern day. We see it at protests. We see it on TV. We see it online. One group, Anonymous, has appropriated this mask as their hallmark. It’s fitting for that organization and others like it. We don’t know their motive. We don’t know their identities. We only know of their cause.

 On November 5, 1605 a Catholic named Guy Fawkes conspired to blow up the Protestant House of Lords in an event that is known as the Gunpowder Plot. But he and his co-conspirators were discovered before they could carry out their plan, and the day has since become a British holiday of thanksgiving. This holiday involves lighting bonfires and burning effigies of individuals such as Guy Fawkes and the Pope. From this tradition emerged the Guy Fawkes mask forever a symbol of the philosophy he championed.

 So, this week’s theme is “Freedom Fighters.”

Tuesday – Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

Wednesday – Star Wars: A New Hope

Thursday – V for Vendetta

Friday – 1984

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