Southwest Florida - The Ten Thousand Islands

Southwest Florida – The Ten Thousand Islands

“Water, water, everywhere; Nor any drop to drink”

Visiting Southwest Florida, you get the sense of teetering on the edge of the Earth, the end of the world. Bounded by the Gulf of Mexico to the West, the Everglades to the East, and the Ten Thousand Islands to the South, Southwest Florida seems isolated from the urban United States. Before long the paths on dry land merge and disappear into a great watery abyss. Never has Coleridge’s famous line seemed more appropriate.

Here, the natural world looms impossibly close. Residents and visitors will frequently encounter creatures from the wilderness at their doorstep. Birds, bears, alligators, snakes, manatees, dolphins and more do not hesitate to tread on their ancestral homes. Somehow they manage to endure the forces of wind, water, and sun and thereby survive in one of the planet’s harshest environments

This week’s blog posts will be devoted to exploring the natural environment of Southwest Florida.