Desert RoadThe blazing sun beats down on the land. Waves of heat generate an illusionary landscape. A relentless wind carves sculptures of sand and stone. The encroaching dunes swallow the ruins of long dead civilizations. The desert is a place suspended beyond time and space. The land is still, lifeless. Without water life cannot exist, cannot survive.

The human consciousness remembers the desert. Man’s earliest civilizations balanced tenuously on its edge. We remember its majesty and its mystery. The desert remembers us as well. Change is life but life cannot long dwell in the depths of this ocean of sand. In the desert, preserved by the heat and the dryness, lie the remnants of the past virtually unchanged over the millennia.

Is it any wonder that, in that lonely desolation, man would encounter gods?

Tuesday – Nascence

Wednesday – Lawrence of Arabia

Thursday – Nostalgia for the Light

Friday – Dune