IMAG0451The Celtic people of days gone by are a mystery to the denizens of the modern world. Most of what we know is gleaned from ruins left behind and biased Roman writings. Hence, the Celts have become a sort of blank slate. Much of our beliefs about the Celts derive more from our own culture and desires than the actual Celtic culture.

Spiritual, warlike, nature-loving, artistic, just, free, mysterious. All these characteristics have been attributed to that people. In the English world the Celts have been the source of some of our most beloved tales. The legend of King Arthur is one such example. Indeed, the people of that far-off time seem to walk the line between myth and history, legend and fact.

This week will feature:

– The Book of Kells    (History & Culture)

– Celtic Languages    (Open Debate)

– Braveheart    (Film Review)

– The Kings of Tara    (Poetry)